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Our Services

   We specialize in express and LTL transport. We guarantee the quality and reliability of our services even for the most complex and specific orders.


   All our transport services and international freight are performed by experienced drivers. We have our own fleet and work with reliable partners, enabling us to use 600 trucks per day throughout Europe. Our vehicles are serviced regularly to ensure reliable and fast deliveries.

Express transport is one of the fastest methods of shipment available. Our trucks are capable of covering a distance of up to 1500km in 24 hours, with arrival within 2 hours from booking.

The entire process is monitored 24/7 by our dispatch team using GPS trackers to ensure timely and safe delivery.

Express transport

Long-distance removal is always a hassle, but our dedicated team can help arrange the whole process. Contact us for more information.


LTL Transport is a perfect solution for less urgent smaller cargo, with this type of service we can offer lower prices but similar attention as express service.

Our Happy Customers

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